Between the Mediterranean and the steeps of the Taurus Mountains…

At the feast of the sun and among the friends, the GÖKTÜRK HOTEL…

Göktürk Hotel is located at the Akyaka-Maden Iskelesi (the mine pier) known to be one of the best coves with “blue flag.” The hotel, just a few meters to the shore, with twenty one rooms and its own private pier is at your service. Our principles of service is based on “friendship, peacefulness and care.” Our customers are our friends, our duty is to keep a peaceful atmosphere and our job is to take great care in our services.

Our hotel carries the cultural characteristics of the traditional architecture introduced to Gökova by the famous arcitect Nail Çakırhan. Each of our rooms, all with the frontal view of the cove, are designed with the alternatives of Rooms with Patio, Composite Rooms and Standard Rooms. The basic primary features of all the rooms’ internal design are based on the principles of ease and comfort. This spatial characterestics are presented to you with great care and precision.

In addition to our lodging services, we also provide rich kitchen and bar menus so that you can enjoy the best of the Mediterranean cuisine. We friendly serve a rich breakfast menü, elaborate choices of appetisers (mezes) and main dishes as well as drinks and cocktails prepared at our bar specially for you.

The Pier

Our 400 square meters of single piece pier, with its table sets and sunbeds, provides you with the comfort and joys of the “blue flag” merits of Gökova, embracing the perfumes of the sea and the pine forests.

The Restaurant

The restaurant serves a rich and local breakfast menu; various snacks and appetizers (toasts, burgers, pizzas and sandwiches);
And dinner menue including colds with olive oil, rich appetizers (mezes), fish, seafood as well as meat dishes. All served at our pier.

The Bar

Our bar cools down the Medditerranean heat with a rich menü of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and provieds a friendly athmosohere with a selection of local and international drinks, an elaborate wine list and special cocktails designed for you.

The Reception

A friendly welcome. The unit provide 24 hours service for resolving your needs, providing comfort, room services, cultural and historical knowledge of the surrounding area, Daily cruising and trecking trips, transfer services, communication services and solving your problems.